About Me

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As a leader and administrator in the fields of online learning and educational development, my primary goal is to ensure all students at our university are provided with transformative learning experiences. By focusing on improving everything from institutional cultures around teaching and student success to faculty development, course and curriculum design, and pedagogy, I work to ensure that every aspect of a student’s interaction within our institution is grounded in inclusive, evidence-based practices that lead to deep learning and longterm student success.

My areas of expertise, honed through more than a decade of work in faculty development and over twenty-five years of face-to-face and online teaching experience, include student engagement, classroom assessment, course (re)design, online pedagogy and course design, reflective practice, and the integration of technology and social media in teaching.

I have over twenty-five years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on the literatures of Canada, postcolonial and indigenous literatures, literary theory, and English composition. My book Sanctioned Ignorance: the politics of knowledge production and the teaching of the literatures of Canada (University of Alberta Press 2013) won the 2013 Gabrielle Roy Prize for the best book in my field.

For more information on my work and my full CV, please visit paulwmartin.ca. A portfolio of my work as an educational developer is available at paulwmartin.ca/portfolio