University of Vermont: English 182: Colonial and Postcolonial World Literatures

English 182 is another of the core classes I teach. Although I have taught this course before as a broad survey of anglophone literature from the 20th century, I have more regularly designed the course around the work of indigenous writers from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand/Aotearoa. Recently, because of the incredible wealth of recent writing by First Nations and Métis writers from Canada, I have frequently included only work from these writers. The University of Vermont’s proximity to Canada and to some important populations of First Nations peoples make this work an ideal context through which to explore larger issues connected to postcolonial theory and discourse. This course also counts as a non-European cultures requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences.

    Versions of English 182 taught since 2003:

  • Recent Fiction by Indigenous Writers from Canada, Spring 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 (2 sections) and 2007 (2 sections).
  • Recent fiction by Indigenous Writers from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand/Aotearoa, Spring 2006, Spring 2005, Fall 2003
  • 20th Century Anglophone Novel, Spring 2004 (2 sections)

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