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Posts from — November 2004

“Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret.”

I’ve been meaning to link to

Maisonneuve magazine’s memorable interview with Margaret Atwood for some time. Atwood has a reputation for making ill-prepared interviewers regret ever choosing their own line of work and one can see this interview quickly heading down that path. She turns out here, though, to be patient and generous, which makes me wonder about the accuracy of those stories I’ve simply accepted as the truth.

Maisonneuve is also turning out to be a site that I visit regularly. Hope to pick up a hard copy of the magazine next time I’m in Canada.

November 28, 2004   Comments Off on “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret.”

Munro wins the Giller Prize

Alice Munro has won the Giller Prize for her latest book, Runaway.

The latest great article I’ve read about her is in Newsday.

November 12, 2004   Comments Off on Munro wins the Giller Prize

In case you’re thinking about making a run for the border….

Here’s a new Canadian effort to help you make that jump to Canadian citizenship a lot easier!

Alternatively, there’s still the opportunity for Vermont to secede and join the new and improved Canada 2.0!

If you want to move there, though, Sarah Weinman thinks there are some important things about Canada that you should know first…

November 4, 2004   Comments Off on In case you’re thinking about making a run for the border….

Spring advising season is upon us!

I’m setting aside a couple of days over the next week to meet with you to review your choice of courses for the Spring semester. You can find the list of Spring 2005 courses from the Department of English online at the department’s website.

Here are the available time slots I have for Friday, November 5th and Monday, November 8th. Please e-mail me and book an appointment. I’ll fill in the taken spots on this form as I hear from you. I do have office hours on Thursday from 3:15-4:15 as well, but would prefer to leave that open for my students in the classes I’m teaching right now.

Friday, Nov. 5:

10:00 – C. Collins

10:30 – C. Cooper

11:00 – J. Randall

11:30 – Jay Cooke

1:30 – N. Beasley


2:30 – T. Wales

3:00 – A. Spadinger



Monday, Nov. 8

10:00 – C. de la Garza

10:30 – C. Cohen





1:00 – J. Conklin



A couple of other things. If you’re looking to get into a course that usually fills up (English 086, or Shakespeare for instance), I’d suggest e-mailing the instructor ASAP to ask if they will enable you to register early for that course or to ask that you be put on a waiting list for the class. If you’re looking for a Category D class, I’ll be teaching two: English 180: Canadian literature and English 182: Indigenous Writers from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. I’ll also be teaching an evening section of English 086 for Continuing Ed.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

November 2, 2004   Comments Off on Spring advising season is upon us!

Election coverage

If you’re watching election coverage tonight in the Burlington area, you may find it interesting to watch some of the coverage from Canada on CBC television (channel 19). CTV (channel 21) also broadcasts The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in case you want to watch that, but don’t get Comedy Central.

Canadians, as you might imagine, will be watching this election very closely….

November 2, 2004   Comments Off on Election coverage