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Posts from — November 2005

Podcasting chat today

Here are a few links to some of the articles, podcasts, and software I referred to in a talk I gave today on podcasting as part of the Center for Teaching and Learning’s new Colleague Teas series.

Podcasting how-to:

Podcasting DIY is a great new podcast that is part of Canada’s new Rabble Podcast Network.



iPod + iTalk

What people are up to around the continent:

Here’s a great conversation with Middlebury College’s Barbara Ganley about her use of podcasting and blogging in her teaching. This is part of a regular podcast series called EdTechTalk. Recently Ganley posted a really interesting entry on her blog about Podcasting as Part of the Learning Process

Stanford podcasting


Chronicle article on podcasting

My English 005 class

November 10, 2005   2 Comments

Advising help

Click here for the complete list of Arts and Sciences Distribution Requirements

Here’s a link to the course listings from the Registrar’s website

Spring enrollment listings

November 8, 2005   No Comments

Advising for Spring Registration

Registration for fall classes begins for seniors on November 15th, and over the days to follow for everybody else. Make sure to check the UVM Registration schedule to see when you may begin registering for Spring classes.

I’m setting aside a couple of days over the next week to meet with you to review your choice of courses for the spring semester. You can find the list of spring 2006 courses from the Department of English online at the department’s website. On that same page, you will also find the list of courses that fill the A, B, C, D, and senior seminar requirements. It’s also worth checking the spring course listings from Continuing Education

Here are the available time slots I have for next week. Please e-mail me right away and book an appointment. I’ll fill in the taken spots on this form as I hear from you on a first-come, first-served basis.

N.B. If you’ve seen me before, please try to bring with you any past advising checklists I’ve done for you. That will save us a considerable amount of time when trying to figure out which courses or how many credits you still need to take.

Tuesday, November 8:

9:00: Caitlin Collins

9:30: Danny Turgeon

9:45: Jesse Rentz

10:00: Lain Kunin

10:30: Julie Bilodeau

11:00: Rudy K.

11:30: Lucy

13:00: Laura Pedro

13:30: Marty Kreider

14:00: Mike Ceragno

14:30: Samantha Lopez-Rose

15:00: Leah Mansback

Thursday, November 10

9:00: Finn McCoy


10:00: Kelly Simon

10:30: Jessica Randall

11:00: Zack Infante

11:30: Chris Cohen

12:00: Sarah Souza

12:30: Lauren Foley

13:00: Will Bowen

13:30: John Landry

14:00: Molly Kienzler

Friday, November 11
13:30: Caroline Cooper

Tuesday, November 15 (N.B. advising hours to be held at CTL, 303 Bailey/Howe)

13:30: Mike MacDonald

14:00: Charlie Whistler


Wednesday, November 16:

1: 15: Emily V.

1:30: Ali S.

3:30: Katherine Fenlon


Thursday, November 17


10:30: Taylor

11:00: Charlie W.


12:00: (office hours are at Center for Teaching and Learning 303 Bailey/Howe Library)

12:30: Alysa Procida (office hours are at Center for Teaching and Learning 303 Bailey/Howe Library)

13:00: (office hours are at Center for Teaching and Learning 303 Bailey/Howe Library)

13:30: (office hours are at Center for Teaching and Learning 303 Bailey/Howe Library)

14:00: (office hours are at Center for Teaching and Learning 303 Bailey/Howe Library)

A couple of other things. If you’re looking to get into a course that usually fills up (English 086, or Shakespeare for instance), I’d suggest e-mailing the instructor ASAP to ask if they will enable you to register early for that course or to ask that you be put on a waiting list for the class.

If you’re looking for a Category D class for the spring, I’ll be teaching a night class for Continuing Education. The course, taught on Tuesday nights, is English 182: Recent Fiction by Indigenous Writers from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand/Aotearoa. Over the “Winter Session” I’ll also be teaching a one-credit online course on Margaret Atwood. That runs over the first two weeks of January and it’s a great way to pick up an extra credit without having to set your foot on campus.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

November 2, 2005   No Comments