Thoughts on culture, education, and having been a Canadian in the US
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This blog has been long dormant for some fairly good reasons. The main one is that I’m not currently a Canadian living in the US. I’ve returned to Edmonton, Alberta to take a new three-year position at Grant MacEwan University. The institution is growing like crazy and, as the new Faculty Development Coordinator here I have lots to keep me busy. I’m very excited to have joined MacEwan at this important moment in its 40 year history as an institution.

My new job involves many responsibilities that connect to the roles I played at the U of Vermont. I’m responsible here for organizing many big events, including the new faculty orientation, Faculty Development Day, the National Great Teachers Institute, and the MacEwan Book of the Year program.  I also run workshops for faculty on topics such as student engagement and integrating technology into their teaching.

I’m also getting some great opportunities to develop new skills and areas of expertise. I’m also getting more writing and research done than i have in a long time.  I do miss teaching, but helping other faculty to become more effective teachers is just as satisfying.

I’ve been doing a bit of blogging at the Faculty Commons website, but I’ll be posting longer versions of those entries here from time to time. It feels great to be writing here again. Please do stick around and stay tuned.