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Posts from — March 2006

Margaret Atwood, inventor

This past weekend, Margaret Atwood successfully debuted the LongPen, her invention for signing books from a distance. I love how Atwood has named the company she has formed to create this unotchit, as in “you no touch it.”

This is a great thing that I can see Northwest Passages benefitting from someday in the future.

We’ve had great success selling copies of Jack Whyte‘s A Dream of Eagles series of books via our online bookstore. In the past, we’ve taken orders from customers and then taken a big stack of books to Jack for him to sign. Then, we mail the signed books to the customers. We’ve also run live chats with him that were enthusiastically received by his fans.

Imagine being able to do a live signing and reading over the internet, with the author being anywhere in the world and NWP handling the books in Vancouver! How cool would that be?

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