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Advising for Fall 2006

It’s that time of year again! Registration begins for Seniors on April 11. I’m available to meet with any of you who need help with your plans for next year. If you’re going to be a Senior next year, you should definitely think about coming to see me before registering so that we can make sure you’ll be set to graduate in Spring ’07.

Those of you who are heading into your sophomore year are required by the College of Arts and Sciences to meet with your advisor. If you’ve already declared a major, you will need to meet with your advisor from that department or program. Once you have met with an advisor he or she will remove the registration hold from your account.

English majors and minors can find the list of Fall 2006 courses from the Department of English online at the department’s website. On that same page, you will also find the list of courses that fill the A, B, C, D, and senior seminar requirements. It’s also worth checking the Fall course listings from Continuing Education, which should be out very soon.

A few quick links that you will need when planning your courses. Please do your best to pick your courses before coming to see me and also to review the requirements checklist to see which requirements you’ve met this year and which ones you still need to fill.

Registration schedule for Fall 2006.

Click here for the complete list of Arts and Sciences Distribution Requirements

Here’s a link to the course listings from the Registrar’s website

Fall enrollment listings (updated hourly)

Here are the available time slots I have in the coming days. Please e-mail me right away and book an appointment. I’ll fill in the taken spots on this form as I hear from you on a first-come, first-served basis.

N.B. If you’ve seen me before, please try to bring with you any past advising checklists I’ve done for you. That will save us a considerable amount of time when trying to figure out which courses or how many credits you still need to take.

Thursday, April 6



9:00: Caitlin Collins

9:30: Julie Bilodeau




11:30: Charlie Whistler

12:00: John Landry


13:00: Will Bowen

13:30: Mike Ceragno

Monday, April 10

13:00: Zack Infante

13:30: Molly Kienzler

14:00: Lauren Foley

14:30: Erica Wolf

15:00: Rudy Kiburis



Tuesday, April 11

14:45: Jesse Rentz

15:00: Melissa Meyer

15:30 – 16:30: Will Webb

16:30 – Mike Ceragno

Thursday, April 13

15:00: Chris Worden, my fellow Canuck

15:15: Taylor Apostol

15:30: Mike MacDonald

Friday, April 14