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Links roundup for August 5th

As some of you may know, podcasting is, I hope, about to take a big leap forward at UVM. We’ve been approved to join the iTunes U program and my courses this fall will be part of our official test of the system. I just need to get the University to sign off on the whole thing which hopefully should not be too difficult.

So, tonight I started out at Cole Camplese’s blog checking out his posting on the new Belkin TuneTalk microphone for the iPod. I’ve been waiting for months for a recording solution for the latest generation of iPods, so nice to see that finally on its way. Cole’s blogroll led me to an interesting blog I’ve not yet seen before called Podagogy. Lots of interesting stuff on that site, but I was especially glad to discover the NCQ podcast and a great site called Geek’s Guide to Teaching. All of these sites are places where I expect I’ll be spending more time soon…