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More on Curling in Vermont

It’s a start! Now, if only I can convince UVM to start a curling team….

Here are some interesting stats I found about curling the website of the Canadian Curling Association:

Curlers in Canada

872,000 people play curling in Canada

– 487,000 (56%) are regular curlers (10 or more times per year)

– 128,000 (15%) are occasional curlers (3-9 times per year)

– 257,000 (29%) are socialcurlers (once or twice)

What can I say, UVM? 872 000 Canadians can’t be wrong…

This blew me away, too:

Watching curling on TV

3,573,000 Canadians watch curling on TV

886,000 watch curling 4 times+ per month

483,000 watch curling 3 timespermonth

697,000 watch curling 2 times per month

1,507,000 watch curling once a month

3 573 000 is more than 10% of all Canadians….

If this piques your interest, this page has everything and more (and even more) that you ever wanted to know about the history of curling.