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George W. Bush’s visit to Canada redux

Here are just a few of the stories about Bush’s recent visit to Canada. Bush did his best to make himself better liked in Canada, going so far as to thank those Canadians who waved at his motorcade with all five fingers. I was not among them.

The Globe and Mail: Poll underlines differences between U.S., Canada:

These poll results will surprise many Americans, I think.

The Globe and Mail: Banned beef and borders dominate talks :

There were many issues on the table, most notably the continuing and completely unnecessary ban on Canadian beef. Bush made light of this, noting that he had dined on Alberta beef and was still feeling fine. NOT the way to make friends here…

Online NewsHour: President Bush Visits Canada — December 1, 2004:

“I realize, and many Americans realize, that it’s not always easy to sleep next to the elephant. As a member of Canada’s parliament said in the 1960s, “the United States is our friend whether we like it or not.” (Laughter and applause) When all is said and done, we are friends, and we like it.” – George W. Bush

The transcript of this panel discussion on Canada-US relations is particularly interesting.

The New York Times: Bush, Visiting Canada, Aims to Smooth Ruffled Relations:

OTTAWA, Nov. 30 – President Bush on Tuesday thanked Canadians who waved a welcome to him “with all five fingers” on his first official visit to their country, but he also appeared defensive at a time when he was expected to reach out and try to repair the rift over the war in Iraq. (NY TIMES)

The Globe and Mail: Fun with George and Laura:

“After dining on seared Maritime scallops, breast of roasted squab, flambéed bananas and “Josh’s beaver tails” — a specialty of 24 Sussex chef Joshua Drache — Mrs. Bush presented Mrs. Martin with a White House bag full of her favourite books.

They included one from former White House pastry chef Roland Mesnier called Dessert University, which provides “essential lessons” on dessert-making.” – Bush shows his funny side:

“Tongue firmly in cheek, President George W. Bush paid tribute today to his mythical Canadian supporter, Jean Poutine.”

I have to admit that Bush’s self-deprecating humour while in Canada almost made me like the guy, at least for a minute or two.

David Frum’s Diary on National Review Online:

“Bush’s visit was a diplomatic triumph, from the failure of Canada’s small but vociferous anti-American minority to turn out in the cold streets of Ottawa to the new tone taken by prime minister Paul Martin – and perhaps above all to the laughter and cheers of the president’s audiences.”

Well, maybe from Bush’s point of view it was a triumph. Frum raises some good points here about Canada, as much as I really dislike the guy’s politics.