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Congrats to the Ducks

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From just one of the many, many stories I’ve read today about last night’s compelling victory by the Anaheim Ducks:

No, this was as collective an effort as collective efforts get. This was somebody different making the difference every step of the way. This was the Ducks doing it for themselves, and for the California fans who fell head over heels for them this year.

They may not wind up ranking alongside the dynasties in Montreal, Long Island or Edmonton, but no championship squad will provide a better example of why hockey is the ultimate team sport.

And that’s the best compliment any hockey roster can receive.

I wish it had been a tighter series this year, but the Ducks outplayed the Senators nearly from start to finish. There were so many great stories about this team that makes it hard for anyone to be all that disappointed to see them win. From Teemu Selanne and J.S. Giguere to the play of many players who will never be hall-of-famers or household names, it was hard not to be touched by the sight of these players passing the Cup around and hearing them talk about all the people who helped get them there.

Although the Ducks aren’t in Canada, there are a huge number of Canadians on that team and so I think we can still enjoy the thought of the Cup visiting many Canadian hometowns this summer. NIce to see the Cup in the hands of a Western Conference team again, too. The Ducks really earned this one and deserve every accolade they get.