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Blogging at UVM gets some more media attention

Virtually academic:

Students in Paul Martin’s course on Colonial and Postcolonial World Literature at the University of Vermont start discussing Canadian authors in class and then continue their conversations online, thanks to the class blog.

“You’ve now had some time to sit with ‘Kiss of the Fur Queen,'” Martin writes to his students in a blog entry dated Feb. 26. “What are your reactions to the novel? What surprised or struck you most about Highway’s novel? Have your thoughts about the book changed as we’ve spent more time discussing it in class?”

In their 26 responses, his students elaborated on the classroom discussion and further explored the book’s themes.

“It really does encourage students to reflect on what they are reading and to write something about it often,” Martin said. “Often we don’t know what we think about what we’ve read until we write about it. They learn something about the book from the exercise.”

Lots of discussion in this Rutland Herald article (May 13, 2007) by Susan Youngwood about how colleges and universities in Vermont are using blogs.