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First Nations take to YouTube

Interesting to see First Nations activists taking to YouTube to bring attention to their very just cause in conjunction with the June 29 National Day of Action in Canada which will see people across Canada protesting the continued shameful treatment of First Nations people.

This set of three videos on YouTube, which seem aimed more to an American audience than to Canadians, is well worth watching. Please pass it along to others.

Long Train of Abuses (part 1)

Long Train of Abuses (part 2)

Long Train of Abuses (part 3)

Interestingly, I see YouTube links from the Assembly of First Nations website, too.

Here’s the AFN’s public service announcement about The National Day of Action. It’s a powerful thirty-second ad.

I really like what Phil Fontaine has done and admire his use of the media, including the AFN website, to get the message across that it’s long past time for Canada to work together with the First Nations to change things. I hope this use of YouTube helps to mobilize the younger generation of Canadians to demand that their government take action. Check out the What Can I Do page from the AFN site to see what you can do to help and, while you’re at it, sign the Make Poverty History petition.

Here’s a clip on YouTube of Phil Fontaine talking about the National Day of Action. This should be mandatory viewing for all Canadians.