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The World’s Best Candy Bars? English, of Course – New York Times

From today’s NY Times:

The World’s Best Candy Bars? English, of Course – New York Times:

Bryn Dyment, a Web developer in the Bay Area who grew up in Canada, said he was shocked when his parents took him to a candy counter in the United States. He found out that not every child in the world was eating the same chocolate bars he was.

It wasn’t until he moved to the United States as an adult that he realized just how vast that divide is.

“You get in these religious arguments with people,” he said. “I haven’t met a Canadian who likes a Hershey bar, but Americans think you’re crazy when you say that, because they think everyone loves a Hershey bar.”

Needless to say, while we were in Canada last week we brought back a few Coffee Crisps and an Aero bar or two. I completely agree with what this article says too about Dairy Milk bars (my fave is the Fruit and Nut one). There’s no comparison. I should also point out that in Canada (and maybe the UK?) we call candy bars “chocolate bars.” Ask someone for a candy bar and they may not know what you’re talking about.

I should point out to all you chocolate lovers out there that there are a few companies that export Canadian chocolate bars to people in the US. Were we not so close to the border, I expect we’d be using them on a regular basis!

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1 Jack { 12.27.07 at 1:22 am }

I would say that the best chocolate is ” Worlds’s Finest Chocolate”. They can ship it anywhere in the world.