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This I Believe, by Michelle Gardner-Quinn

The power of this caught me a bit off-guard this morning. I was thinking about Michelle just yesterday as I walked past the fountain on the college green and saw her picture and fresh flowers there for her. She will not soon be forgotten here at UVM. It is inspiring to see the words of this remarkable young woman reaching a much, much larger audience through this moving short film shown at LiveEarth. It’s also a great reminder of how some of our students may well go on to change the world, as Michelle continues to do.

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1 Holly Buckland Parker { 07.18.07 at 3:27 pm }

Thank you for posting this on your blog. I think that this goes back to what we were discussing at lunch yesterday. Does blogging really change us?
Here is a great example of YES! I am not sure I would have noticed this without reading my blog feeds for your blog. It is amazing to see the impact that Michelle’s spirit is still having on people in this world. I teared up as I listened to this video. I am sure other’s will blog this video and hopefully spread her message.