Thoughts on culture, education, and having been a Canadian in the US
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Breaking my silence

I’ve got my head down these days and am working on nothing but my book. I need to take a few moments to say the following:

Even as a non-American, I’m getting a bit freaked out by the rhetoric of the anti-Obama crowd. To me, it’s gotten beyond bizarre and is getting plain scary. I would feel even more disheartened if I saw something like this happening in my own country.

This great editorial cartoon makes light of all this, but, really, can people actually think that it’s okay to pull their kids out of school so they don’t have to hear a message from the leader of their country? That scares me. Of course, those are probably the same people who would be up in arms if they tried to pull the Pledge of Allegiance out of the schools.

I’ve told my kids that, as non-Americans, they don’t need to say the pledge, but that they should be respectful of it. Obama is not their president and this is not their country. I’m happy, though, that they get to watch his speech in school tomorrow. Obama is such a fine example of what is possible when you value education and develop an insatiable curiosity about the entire world. He’s the best role model of any world leader that I can recall. I feel very sorry for the children whose parents are removing them from school tomorrow. That narrow-minded action by their parents is teaching them the exact opposite of what education should be about.