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Let’s hope Canadians think twice on 1/23

I’m just about to send in my mail-in ballot for Canada’s upcoming federal election, hoping that it will arrive in time. Not that my vote usually makes a difference in Conservative Alberta, the domain of King Ralph for the last 14 years (!). Nevertheless, the latest polls suggesting that Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party will form the next government in Canada have me very concerned.

Watching this all from Vermont, where practically everyone I know wishes their own federal government were pro-Kyoto, pro-same-sex-marriage, pro-public healthcare, and against the war in Iraq, it’s all a bit surreal to think that we’re seemingly about to elect a that has argued the opposite position over and over again. I would be one of the last people to argue that the Liberals have been a shining example of a great vision for the future of Canada, but things like the less discussed aspects of the Conservative platform and the potential for the “shining lights” of the Conservative party to form the next federal cabinet are, needless to say, very worrisome to many of us. Let’s hope that if Harper does win, it’s not a majority.